EDGE BEAUTY started as a wild idea and became the dream. My name is Justin and I’m the founder and ceo. I got the idea for edge beauty in early 2019 and I couldn’t get it out of my head. I was in college at the Kansas City art institute and unfortunately I had to drop because my mom had passed away and I could no longer afford it. I was thrown into a chaos I’d never experienced before of student loans, debt, finding a job that paid the bills and figuring out how could I be the artist I always wanted to be but commercial to help fund my dreams.   Not to mention dealing with depression and A LOT of anxiety. I had been immersed in the beauty world for almost 2 years at the time and was finding myself all over again as an artist, it became a serious therapy. Makeup became my new version of painting and visual art. I started to find my niche but I never felt like there was a brand that represented me enough as a gay feminine man. It always felt like brands were either very feminine or very masculine. I just wanted something that was neither and both at the same time while simultaneously fun, creative and unique! That’s when I got the idea for edge beauty. I spent over a year deciding on looks, formula, what’s the branding, the message, and everything that goes into it. It’s not easy but I was loving every second of it. It really felt like I was doing something that felt authentically me. Now, looking to today, it’s everything I could’ve ever wanted and more and the dream keeps going and growing. I’ve got big ideas for edge beauty and we’re gonna go big! If I have any advice, it’s be bold, and don’t let anyone’s opinion change you or the dreams you have. Everyone thought I was crazy for starting this and now there’s hundreds of people supporting me and it’s surreal. Thank you for the love, let’s spread it like wildfire.